Friday, June 7, 2013


My dad was so organized.
We are not.
We are going in circles from bank to bank, opening accounts, closing accounts.
Making sure Mother is ok.
I thought you had the SS number, no, I don't have it. Where are my pink reading glasses?
What account is here?
Going to the mortuary. More decisions.
Dad bought his policy in 1986 at 1986 prices. He's been living on borrowed time.
We realize the prices have gone up.
They honor the prices. They work through the National Cemetery system.
4 hours later, we have booked an extra limo and paid for death certificates and a transfer fee so he can be buried in Yolo County and have date for funeral.
Is that all?
Texting grandchildren, what do you want?
Can I bury a bit of Kimmy with Grandpa?
Ok, just don't tell us.
Choose words, choose a saying, what do you want on the casket liner?
I really want a train I say.
He volunteered at the Railroad Museum. We are burying him in his museum shirt.
and a French Lick RR hat. Ok, we'll see what we can do.
What is your second choice
Planning celebration after funeral. Now, Daddy said it will be ok to have a party.
We need food. What food? Daddy liked food. He loved chocolate milkshakes and desserts.
Cake from Ettores, gin and tonics, sandwiches, potato salad,
nuts, beer. What else?
Trying to please. What would Daddy want.

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